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So since euca2ools did not have enough work for me to continue at it for the rest of the semester, I decided I ll simply jump on our main project the Eutester project. It has been a good day so far, most things went well I heard some people had problems with version mismatches so I downloaded and installed everything from source code their most up-to-date versions of “all the things” (boto/m2crypto/paramiko/eutester). Reading through the wiki that the eutester group of guys has set up on, and following  some links to blogg posts from the developers, I managed to run some tests on our newly installed Eucalyptus 3 cloud which is still not able to keep a VM instance running.

>>> eucaops.get_emi()
>>> emi = eucaops.get_emi()
>>> reservations = eucaops.run_instance(emi)
Attempting to run instance-store image Image:emi-238B37D9 in group default
Beginning poll loop for the 1 found in Reservation:r-860340D3
Beginning poll loop for instance Instance:i-0696428B to go to running
Instance(i-0696428B) State(pending), sleeping 10s
Instance(i-0696428B) State(pending), sleeping 10s
Instance(i-0696428B) State(pending), sleeping 10s
Instance(i-0696428B) State(pending), sleeping 10s
Instance(i-0696428B) State(pending), sleeping 10s
Instance(i-0696428B) State(terminated) Poll(5) time elapsed (51)
[CRITICAL]: [TEST_REPORT] FAILED: Instance:i-0696428B did not enter the proper state and was left in terminated


After some looking around found out about the existence of nc.log file, and here is the portion of the fail runs:

[EUCAFATAL] Failed to connect to qemu:///system
[i-16F93EC9] could not contact the hypervisor, abandoning the instance
[i-16F93EC9] state change for instance: Staging -> Shutoff (Pending)
doDescribeResource: cores=1/2 mem=1604/1732 disk=11/13
[i-16F93EC9] Pending pub= priv= mac=d0:0d:16:F9:3E:C9 vlan=-24 net=-1 plat=linux vols=
[EUCAFATAL ] Failed to connect to qemu:///system
[i-16F93EC9] cleaning up state for instance
[i-16F93EC9] stopping the network (vlan=-24)
[EUCAWARN  ] vnetStopNetworkManaged(): supplied vlan '-24' is out of range (0 - 4096), nothing to do
[i-16F93EC9] state change for instance: Shutoff -> Teardown (Teardown)
[EUCAFATAL ] Failed to connect to qemu:///system

After trying to work my way through an old bug report and fix on the above problem, I decided I should check if Hardware Virtualization, which turned out it was the right idea, because in this case it is turned off in the BIOS.

So some time during week 4 of the project I had some down time, and I decided to learn how euca2ools worked. Simple command-line tools yet still very powerful as well. However recently we run to some problems with the version mismatches; so here it goes: “how to install everything from source with the latest versions”:

Very easy to install from source:
NOTE: make sure to remove older versions of the software.

Download newest boto:

cd /download/location
tar zxvf boto-2.3.0n.tar.gz
cd boto-2.3.0
sudo python install

Download newest M2Crypto:

cd /download/location 
tar zxvf M2Crypto-0.21.1.tar.gz 
cd M2Crypto-0.21.1 
sudo python install

Download euca2ools from:

cd /download/location
cd euca2ools
sudo make

And that should be it.

It is finally getting there but still with struggles, right now for example while I am writing this I wish I could instead be connecting to our own cluster and uploading images but port 8773 still seams to be closed when trying to look in from the outside, so I can’t connect to try and work on an instance. While earlier today Long was able to upload kernel images to the server it looks like there is a problem when trying to actually start up an instance on the server which most likely proves right our fears of hardware support for hypervisor being turned off on the BIOS. One might think “big deal” just turn it on; however these are stoke dell machines we are using the BIOS options are basic at best, so we will most-likely have to install things from scratch trying to install an other BIOS on the mother board and finally unlock the hardware support.

And finally we have our definite proof that kvm support is disabled on the BIOS, and here goes an other week without having a working cloud.

Week three was dedicated to our search for an open source project we would like to work on. Since were doing the assignment “FOSS Field Trip 2” we would each bring 2 projects to discuss. It sounded simple enough, but the class was divided between two projects. Eucalyptus for which we had the support of mentors already in the program, and they had asked us to join; including a proposal with their ambitions of what they hoped to accomplish with our help. Irrlicht which was a project one of our class mates has worked on before, and has contact with many of the developers still, we were told that we would be building a test suite for their 3D engine. It came down to a vote where eucalyptus won due to the support that the two mentors showed, and their proposal which gave us a real plan for the future of the class.

Hello blogging world and CS401

Posted: January 30, 2012 in WSU CS
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I have used computers since I was 10 years old; however in this 11 years I have not blogged before, so I am expecting it to be an interesting experience.

I use multiple Free Open Source Software (ex: multiple Linux OS distributions, Chromium browser, Apache web server, and many more), and I have occasonally visited the IRC channels, or support forums for these open source projects to find answer to my problem, and bugs. I loved finding the answer to something I had a problem with, or the ability to actually edit the source to make the software work on my system. Also I am a fan of the libre part of the FOSS; being able to chose what features I want by either adding them myself or picking the fork that already has the feature I need, and it is not bloated with every feature possible in case a portion of the user base wants the feature (like commercial software–mainly the OS like Windows). I now want to give back to FOSS projects by contributing through this class; I have been looking forward to this, and I hope it is the learning experience that I want it to be.