Our Eucalyptus Cluster

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Teaching Open Source, WSU CS
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It is finally getting there but still with struggles, right now for example while I am writing this I wish I could instead be connecting to our own cluster and uploading images but port 8773 still seams to be closed when trying to look in from the outside, so I can’t connect to try and work on an instance. While earlier today Long was able to upload kernel images to the server it looks like there is a problem when trying to actually start up an instance on the server which most likely proves right our fears of hardware support for hypervisor being turned off on the BIOS. One might think “big deal” just turn it on; however these are stoke dell machines we are using the BIOS options are basic at best, so we will most-likely have to install things from scratch trying to install an other BIOS on the mother board and finally unlock the hardware support.

And finally we have our definite proof that kvm support is disabled on the BIOS, and here goes an other week without having a working cloud.

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