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Hello blogging world and CS401

Posted: January 30, 2012 in WSU CS
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I have used computers since I was 10 years old; however in this 11 years I have not blogged before, so I am expecting it to be an interesting experience.

I use multiple Free Open Source Software (ex: multiple Linux OS distributions, Chromium browser, Apache web server, and many more), and I have occasonally visited the IRC channels, or support forums for these open source projects to find answer to my problem, and bugs. I loved finding the answer to something I had a problem with, or the ability to actually edit the source to make the software work on my system. Also I am a fan of the libre part of the FOSS; being able to chose what features I want by either adding them myself or picking the fork that already has the feature I need, and it is not bloated with every feature possible in case a portion of the user base wants the feature (like commercial software–mainly the OS like Windows). I now want to give back to FOSS projects by contributing through this class; I have been looking forward to this, and I hope it is the learning experience that I want it to be.